Xakthas' Character Journal

My Companions


Khepran is a strange individual; a dirtling fascinated, and even skilled, in the Arcane arts, rare for his kind. When I first met him, I was unsure of his race; at first I took him for stonecutter, due to his greed and small size. He is arrogant and self absorbed; while I have no great love for him, he does not bear the countenance of a murderer, or at least not a heartless one. He is, however, highly intelligent, and seems willing to assist me in my penance so long as I can be of use to him.


Pan is a surprising fellow; a forestling that has left the woods. I had heard of the Fae before, but never had I seen them; the differences between he and the creature called Poxy prove to me that they are even more widely varied than the Children of the Sand and the Cursed Ones are. He is young, and naive; while he seems to mean well, his actions are brash and unpredictable; he is not tempered with experience and the consequences of his actions like I am. He is innocent, even though he may kill; though I do not believe he is fond of me, I am glad to have his companionship on this journey.


The orc is a strange one; though orcish, he is not of the stone and so I have no name for his people. He is unpredictable and violent; I do not yet know what he is capable of. If the time comes, however, I am prepared to defend others against his rage.

My Goals


I must pay for my crimes. Those I murdered… their families deserve to take what they will of me. I must seek them out, I must find them, and I must beg forgiveness or death at their feet. Though we are leaving the desert, I have few leads as to where I should begin looking to find them. I must find the captain of the guards I murdered; I know he resides in a settlement somewhere in the desert, however my limited command of Draconin names and townships has hindered me in this endeavor; hopefully, I will be able to find someone who can tell me where to find this captain.

The Raid on Dasczare

The village of Draskul will be performing an attack on the Draconin house of Dasczare by orders of the black dragon known as the Linguist. I do not know what political struggle the Father of Tongues has with the New Mothers of Dasczare; I have never understood the complex politics of the civilized races. What I do know, however, is that this conflict will be extremely bloody, and will likely result in the deaths of many innocents. I must do my best to preserve as much life as I can. I have sworn fealty to Orzo, cheiftain of Draskul, and a surprisingly civilized Orc. My fealty guarantees me a place in the forefront of the battle. Hopefully, from there, I will be able to save the lives of the sons and daughters of Dasczare, and to eliminate its monsters.

Liberation of the Cursed Ones

The raid on Dasczare provides a unique opportunity: the house is known for it’s experimentation with life and the perversion of it, and has created many sentient creatures through the torture and rape of both my people and humans alike. These Cursed Ones are mere children fashioned into weapons by Dasczare; tortured and brutalized to bind them to the will of their creators and their masters. I must save them; I do not know how I will, but they are victims of great evil and I must emancipate them from their bondage. I have encountered a Kur’kil and a Cha’sek’ki; the Cha’sek’ki are frightened creatures, innocent children who want not the conflict or violence they have been bound to; saving them may merely be an act of showing them the first compassion they have ever known and getting them to safety. The Kur’kil, on the other hand…. they are creatures enraged, taking out their agony and neglect on those around them in an attempt to please their masters. I tried to speak to one, but it barely responded, striking as a rabid beast would. Pan is convinced that they deserve death; I still believe that they can be saved, if only I knew how… I have spoken to the Linguist, and have learned something that may help me in saving the Cursed Children of Dasczare: according to the Linguist, the reasons these creatures are loyal to their masters is that they have been promised perfect bodies. Thinking back, when I encountered the Kur’kil, I did notice that it’s carapace was much softer than it should be; I’ve seen Thri-Kreen afflicted with a similar condition, called softrot amongst my people, and it is always excruciatingly painful as the shell cannot properly support the flesh it is meant to. These creatures must be in constant pain, and Dasczare has offered to fix them if they remain loyal. I must speak to Pan of this; I have learned that Rizzo, the Draconin merchant who supplied me with Redflower, created the Poxies, perfectly merging foliage and flesh into a single coherent creature. If I could discover how, perhaps I could heal the broken children of Dasczare…

Stop Persona

At the arena, a being called Persona mercilessly slaughtered thousands, indiscriminate of history. He is a monster, and he must be stopped. If he cannot be stopped peacefully, then I will do whatever it takes to destroy him.


Penance, Day 1

By the gods, what have I done. They’re dead… all of them, dead, their bodies rent not only by Draconin steel, but by my blades as well, their flesh warped by the force of my cruel empathy. I… I murdered them, my tribe, my people, my mate. I killed her, I killed… I don’t even deserve to write her name. This is all my fault. My murdering, my brash rampages and violence against the Draconin people led them to this attack. I struck at innocents, and my loved ones bore the price. From this point on, I shall kill no more; only monsters and beasts shall fall to the might of my blades and my mind. I will devote the rest of my existence to paying penance for my heinous crimes, and perhaps someday I will have come a small distance in righting the evils I have committed. Thus begins my new life. Thus begins the life of the Kinslayer.

Xakthas' Character Journal

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