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The Legend

This campaign is set during the peak of the Draconin Empire – when the warrior-wizard race of Draconin reigns supreme. Other races are at best second class citizens, and at worst slaves or treated as animals.

The story begins when our intrepid heroes destroyed the arena and fought our way through the desert against endless Draconin patrols. Well, actually, a godlike being who pretentiously calls himself “Persona” set us free for his own reasons. And we encountered maybe one patrol. But we do have a bard, so our legacy shall be glorious and unmarred by petty facts.

The Heroes

Xakthas, the repentant Thrii-Kreen psychic warrior
Khephran, the power-hungry wizard
Pan, the stoner goat beloved bard
Bubbles, the orc who thought he could

The Moving Scenery

Persona, a pretentious but powerful enemy
The Linguist, a dragon of ancient power and an even more pretentious name
Orzo, the pasta-loving Orc Chieftain of the local desert village
Rizzo, a draconin drug dealer who occasionally plays god
Malin, a one-eyed one-armed flying purple people eater
Crog, the rocks-for-brains minotaur that Malin uses as a hammer when subtlety is not called for
Poxy, a mutant fae with more magical power than most kings and the mind of a cute 5 year old girl and as of recently, smarter than your average turnip.

The Journals

Here we have organized the journals and private thoughts of the different characters.

Xakthas’ Character Journal

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Fall of Cetan Qizzok